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Away (On Demand) Rated U

Away (On Demand)

Dir. Gints Zilbalodis. Latvia, 2019. 1h 15m.

Multiple award-winning animations about a lonely boy travelling across an island on a motorcycle, trying to get back home. During his journey, he is pursued by an imposing and potentially malevolent spirit. Featuring an atmospheric score and set in a dreamworld of gorgeously drawn landscapes, this beautiful dialogue-free animation explores our universal need to create connections.

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“The story is fairytale simple and quite strange, and it's no surprise to hear that Zilbalodis made it up as he went along.” ★★★★ Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

“The animation, in close-up, is often rudimentary (the hero's face is a pink splodge with two eyes), but the haunting music and surreal setting more than compensate.” ★★★★ Kevin Maher, The Times