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Delicatessen Rated 15


Dir. Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. France, 1991. 1h 39m. French/subs. Starring Dominique Pinon, Marie-Laure Dougnac, Jean-claude Dreyfus, Karin Viard, Ticky Holgado, Anne-marie Pisani.

Delicatessen is a light comedy set in a dark future. With elaborate physical gags reminiscent of Jacques Tati, it’s an obsessively art directed world filled with increasingly elaborate Heath Robinson suicide attempts, dissident vegetarian frogmen, condom recycling and staircases that turn into waterfalls – a quirky romantic fantasy with a cannibalism subtext.

‘Post-apocalyptic surrealist black comedy about the landlord of an apartment building who occasionally prepares a delicacy for his odd tenants.’ ★★★★★ Matt Ford, BBC

‘Increasingly inventive as it progresses, Jeunet and Caro's fast, funny feature debut entertains from sinister start to frantic finish.’ Geoff Andrew, Time Out

Sunday 11 March: 15:30
Monday 12 March: 18:45