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FREE SCREENING AND DISCUSSION. (Please ignore the "Book Tickets" box, as we are not taking advance bookings for this free event)

Do the Math is a compelling, fast-paced 42 minute documentary about the grassroots movement that is emerging to fight climate change and the fossil fuel industry. Made by, the film pulls no punches about the seriousness of our climate predicament and the role of the fossil fuel industry in ratcheting it up.
As Naomi Klein puts it, “What the fossil fuel industry is doing is locking us into a future that we can’t survive.”

Yet despite this, Do the Math is upbeat and inspiring, proposing powerful solutions and urging ordinary people towards organised action. "There is nothing radical about what we're talking about. All we are asking for is a planet that works the way it did when we were born,” says founder,Bill McKibben.

Come see the film and join a post-screening discussion about how we can be part of the global movement to stop climate change becoming a complete and utter catastrophe. Could we make Oxford the first fossil-free city?

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