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Downsizing Rated 15


Dir. Alexander Payne. USA, 2017. 2h 15m. Starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, Kristen Wiig, Rolf Lassgard, Ingjerd Egeberg, Udo Kier, Jason Sudeikid, James Van Der Beek.

Modern science has discovered a new way to tackle the problem of global over-population; by shrinking humans to five inches tall. A married couple volunteer to join a downsized community in this ambitious sci-fi comedy-drama from the director of Sideways and Nebraska.

‘Payne's lm is full of invention, wit, great scenes and big - if not fully realised - intentions. Downsizing may be about a small world, but it is an audacious, out-sized peach of a picture.’ ★★★★ Ian Freer, Empire Magazine

‘It’s a state-of-the-nation address by stealth, wry and wide-reaching.’ ★★★★ Trevor Johnston, Little White Lies