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Hector Rated 15

Dir. Jake Gavin. UK 2015. 1h 27m. Starring Peter Mullan, Keith Allen, Stephen Tomlinson, Gina McKee, Sarah Solemani

Over the course of his Homeric journey, homeless man Hector decides to reconnect with his long estranged past. As his previous life catches up with him, the story of how he came to be leading a marginal life begins to emerge.

Local film critic James Luxford will host a Q&A following the film with director Jake Gavin, actor Natalie Gavin and Lesley Dewhurst from the charity Oxford Homeless Pathways.

'Peter Mullan brings warmth and soul to this modest British weepie about a homeless man heading south for the Christmas holiday.' Scott Tobias, Variety

'Gavin's achievement here is to craft a drama that conveys the hard-knock realities of homelessness while maintaining a gentle, wry and sometimes humorous tone.' Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter