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Jellyfish Rated 15


Dir. James Gardner. UK, 2018. 1h 41m. Starring Liv Hill, Sinead Matthews, Cyril Nri, Angus Barnett, Tomos Eames, Victoria Alcock.

Bullied at school, written off by her teachers, and caring for her siblings and manic-depressive mother, teenager Sarah has it tough. However, she soon finds a potential source for money as well as an outlet for her anger: stand-up comedy. James Gardner’s compassionate drama is centred by an astonishingly good performance by Liv Hill.

‘It never condescends. It never condemns. It keeps its gaze on the characters, their colours, and their refusal to take on, chameleon-like, the drab hues of their environment.’ ★★★★★ Nigel Andrews, The FT

‘Jellyfish - moving, provocative, often hilarious - is quite a debut. Gardner and Hill. Remember those names.’ ★★★★ Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard