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Stray Rated 18


Dir. Elizabeth Lo. Turkey, 2020. 1h 13m. Starring Zeytin, Nazar, Kartal.

Told through the eyes of three stray dogs wandering the streets of Istanbul, this playful documentary explores what it means to live without status or security. As they search for food and shelter, Zeytin, Nazar and Kartal embark on inconspicuous journeys through Turkish society that allow us an unvarnished portrait of human life —and their own canine culture.

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'Engrossing...A simple but effective sensory voyage that’s hard to shake' ★★★★ Josh Slater-Williams, Little White Lies

'[The] poetic vibe is richly enhanced by composer Ali Helnwein's keening, cello-centric score that's nimbly synched up to the editing.' ★★★★ Leslie Felperin, The Guardian