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The Aftermath Rated 15

The Aftermath

Dir. James Kent. UK/Germany/USA, 2019. 1h 49m. Starring Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, Kate Phillips, Jannik Schümann, Alexander Scheer.

Following the Second World War, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to Hamburg during its post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German who previously owned the house. Keira Knightly stars in this swooning melodrama by the director of 2014’s Testament of Youth.

‘The Aftermath thus elegantly builds a complex image of the contradictions and tensions at play during this specific time in history’ Elena Lazic, Little White Lies

You may well enjoy this unusual love story: for its performances, its strong sense of time and place, and its vivid reminder that a war's official end is never really anything of the kind.’ Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph