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The Gleaners and I Rated PG

The Gleaners and I

Dir. Agnes Varda. France, 2000. 1h 19m. French/subs. Starring Bodan Litnanski, Francois Wertheimer.

In 2000, Agnès Varda travelled the French countryside to study the eccentric world of a group of foragers and scavengers called The Gleaners. Describing herself as a gleaner of ideas and images gives the director a special connection with her subjects in this honest and intriguing documentary.

'Varda's subject matter is surprisingly rich, but it's her own energetic, curious nature that gives the film its snap.’ Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle

‘In its frames, we see [Varda's] empathy, skill, curiosity, wit, poetry and passion for life: everything she has gleaned from a lifetime of love and movies.’ Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

Sunday 7 October: 16:30
Monday 8 October: 19:00