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The Go-Between Rated PG

The Go-Between

Dir. Joseph Losey. UK, 1971. Starring Alan Bates, Julie Christie, Dominic Guard, Edward Fox, Margaret Leighton, Michael Redgrave.

In the summer of 1900, a teenager living in the countryside develops a crush on a young aristocrat. Eager to impress her, he becomes her 'go-between' delivering romantic letters for her in secret to a handsome neighbouring farmer. Joseph Losey's elegant period drama, based on the novel by British author LP Hartley and adapted by legendary playwright Harold Pinter, subtly explores themes of class disillusionment and forbidden love.

‘Joseph Losey's The Go-Between is about class distinction and its warping effect upon the life of one small boy... Losey and his screenwriter, Harold Pinter, are terribly observant about small nuances of class.’ ★★★★ Roger Ebert

Sunday 1 September: 15:45
Monday 2 September: 18:15