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The life & works of a photojournalist & videojournalist with talks by Jess Hurd & Jason N. Parkinson

Jess Hurd is a photojournalist and campaigning photographer, supplying images and photo-essays to international newspapers, magazines, trade union journals and NGOs through her library Report Digital since the 1990s. She has been a London based freelance since 2001 working with a broad range of campaigning organisations on social issues often inadequately covered by the mainstream press. In the international sphere, she has worked at the global political grassroots - the uprising in Egypt, the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, the Zapatistas in Mexico and urban social movements in Brazil, India, China and Africa.

Jess is a passionate advocate of press freedom which has come under increasing threat in the UK. She is one of the founders of I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist, a campaign against police repression. She is a member of the National Union of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists.

Jason Parkinson is a London-based freelance video journalist providing powerful moving images from the frontlines of political and social unrest . His work is regularly featured by The Associated Press, The Guardian and Channel 4 News amongst many others. He has covered a wide range of stories from the recent revolution in Egypt, to revolts in Spain & Greece, the Gulf BP oil spill as well as extensive coverage of the far right in England (which lead to him receiving a fatwa.)

Jason has recently been nominated for the second year running as a finalist for the prestigious Rory Peck award for News.

Together they will talk about their work in conflict areas in the UK and around the world, screening a selection of Jason’s films and Jess’s photographs.

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