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Thunder Road Rated 15

Thunder Road

Dir. Jim Cummings. USA, 2018. 1h 31m. Starring Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson, Jocelyn DeBoer, Chelsea Edmundson, Macon Blair, Ammie Masterson.

With his marriage over and his mother recently deceased, police officer Jim Arnaud finds himself on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Ill-equipped for parenthood and pushed to the limits by his job, messing up becomes the norm as he tries to regain control of his life. A tragicomic portrait of a failing figure of authority in America that won the Grand Jury Award at SXSW.

‘Cummings locates the humour and humanity in a calamitous and desperately lonely person who, even at his lowest ebb, never loses sight of the promised land.’ ★★★★★ Katherine McLaughlin, The List

‘Such an unapologetic crisis of masculinity will strike some as self-indulgent in times such as these. Yet Cummings is so committed to Arnaud's tragicomic trajectory... that you can't take your eyes off him.’ ★★★★ Ed Potton. The Times